Why Tweed ?

  • TALENT :  There is no wedding video company in the world that has the depth of talent and the precise division of labor that we do. We produce videos for fortune 500 companies, spots for TV,  stop motion animations, documentaries, original content for major media outlets and more.  ( Please visit tweedvideo.com ).  During each stage of production your video will be handled by a specialist in that area.  For example we have dedicated color correctionists, audio masterers and animators for titles.  We even have a creative director from MTV Latin America who reviews, approves and leaves feedback for each video – just as we would handle a major commercial client.


  • PHILOSOPHY :  Tweed Weddings was founded on the radical idea that wedding videos do not have to be boring.   In fact, we own the trademark “Wedding videos for those of us who hate Wedding Videos.”   We were one of the first to produce wedding videos as music videos, wedding grams for social media, the slow motion booth, cinematic techniques such as moving time lapses, lens whacking and animating techniques such as rotoscoping and custom titles for each film.     Evolution is who we are and we do everything in our power to stay current without sacrificing story or content.


  • PASSION:  We love what we do and we love our team.  We also love all of the couples we work with.  We take a personal approach to get to know YOU and what is most important to you. We want to create films not only to show your friends, family, and grandchildren, but ultimately we want to give you – the couple – a tiny glimpse into the overwhelming amount of love that is shared between the two of you in a form that you can digest and see.


  • APPROACH: We take a ”fly on the wall” approach. We do not interfere with events and record as things naturally happen – no staging or fabrication. We believe that this results in beautiful footage that is honest, natural and that will stand the test of time.​ We let our work speak for itself.  We see this reciprocated through our clients coming back to us again and again with referrals for their friends and family. We love building these personal relationships with our clients and see this loyalty as the highest form of flattery.


  • SERVICE:  You will not be left hanging.  We are quick to respond, quicker to address any rare issues that come up and quick to deliver.  You will be walked through the entire process.  We have filmed over 700 weddings and that has taught us a thing or two.  We have the experience to know where to be, when, and how to film it, so that the final product is a natural and lasting reminder of your day.  We have style guides and manuals for our shooters as well so the quality is consistent.


We hope this gives you a glimpse into the care and attention we put into our craft, and look forward to working with you to create a lasting record of your celebration and love.

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Customer Highlights

This team is phenomenal! I have worked in production for NBCUniversal for over a decade and therefore had a really high bar when it came to selecting production company that would capture the right moments in the style that I wanted on such an important and special day. Shooting weddings is difficult because the most important moments only happen once, there are no second chances and that requires talented people to make the right decisions real time on the fly. Not only did Tweed make the right decisions they managed to put together a cinematic story that was beautiful, unique and most importantly preserved the memory of that day. Louis Sparre and his team exceeded expectations and my wife and I could not be happier.
-Louis & Claire

The quality of their work is undeniable. All you need to do is watch a few videos to see that they are the best in the game. We are thrilled with the video we got from Tweed. Not a moment was missed and their creative editing made it really fun to watch. If your goal is to have not just another boring wedding video this is your vendor!
-Valerie & Nicholas

We used Tweed as our wedding videographers and can’t recommend them enough. They were extremely easy to work with and very professional. We let them know ahead of time about our timeline, key moments we wanted captured on film and the feeling we wanted to get from our videos. Working with Tweed was such a pleasure! All communication preceding the wedding was timely, effective, and we knew that they understood where we were coming from without having to go through extensive details – they just got it. On the day of the wedding, they showed up on time and prepared for both the ceremony and reception and they filmed everything we asked for and more without ever seeming like they were in the way or intruding on our day at all. They were incredibly kind, professional and made us feel at ease because really, they just knew what to do and did what they do best. We received our music videos and the longer video of the day quickly. We are thrilled with the final product! They did a fantastic job! We will enjoy watching these videos for years to come! We highly recommend using Tweed for your wedding, or for any event you may want recorded. We were impressed with them throughout the process and they made us feel like we were in great hands and had nothing to worry about as far as video was concerned. Thank you, Tweed Weddings!!

-Carrie & Rich

The best decision out of all the wedding planning was hiring TWEED. I watch my video almost every day, it is so well put together!!! The staff is also amazing, they always got back to me quickly with any questions I had. I lost my video thumb drive 6 months after my wedding and when I reached out they got back to me hours later letting me know another one is in the mail free of charge. THEY ARE THE BEST!!

-Sara & Kevin

Where to even start! We positively LOVE our wedding videos – both the short music video as well as the more comprehensive video. When we saw Tweed’s music videos – the tremendous cinematography – we were hooked! No other videographer even came close. Tweed is a next-level experience! The whole team was a delight to work with – friendly and accessible, great attention to detail to be sure to capture our evening in a highly personal way. We have watched our music video scads of times – and our friends and family love it, too – who doesn’t have seven minutes to drink in the essence of a magical evening? They were completely unobtrusive – many of our guests didn’t even notice them. Their technique unarguably capture the emotion, energy, and spirit of our night. We are thrilled to have had the pleasure of working with them to created such a treasured memento!

-Matt & Sara

If I can give tweed 10 stars I would! From the beginning I knew that they would be the best company to work with and they did not disappoint me. So easy to talk to, answered any questions I had, got back to me right away, and gave me the best wedding trailer I have ever seen! My brother also used them and they also had an amazing wedding trailer/video! If your in the market for a videographer for an upcoming event these are your people! I love them and I would recommend them over and over again!!!!!

– Aja & Arthur

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