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2019 officially marks the 10th year that Tweed Weddings has been in business. During this time our passionate and talented team has filmed over a 1,000 weddings (that’a a lot of wedding cake!)

Along the way, our wedding videographers and editors have seen it all. Not only are we experts in the film industry, but after that many weddings under our belts, it’s safe to say we are experts in the wedding industry too.

To celebrate this milestone year, Tweed Weddings created a brand new series featuring some of our favorite wedding professionals in Philly. These are some of the vendors we’ve worked with who are masters in their craft and have shared their insights with us.

In these particular videos, we featured DJ Anthony, who is a professional Philly-based DJ. DJ Anthony is meticulous in getting all the necessary details from a couple prior to arriving to the wedding so he doesn’t miss a thing! He knows exactly what songs to play to get guests on the dance floor and how to seamlessly arrange them.

Watch the videos to hear his advice on what common mistakes couples make when booking a DJ and which songs he’s secretly sick of hearing (but will play anyway!) Check out his website and be sure to follow him on  the ‘gram!

Want more #weddingwarstories and wedding advice from Philly vendors? Stay tuned because we’re highlighting some of the best! Get the info as soon as it comes out on our instagram.