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Okay, so you already have a partner who is perfect for you and had a beautiful proposal, now it’s time to plan the perfect wedding. If this is your first wedding it is probably safe to say you are a bit overwhelmed with all that wedding planning entails. Not to worry, Tweed Weddings are pros, and not just behind the camera or computer. We’ve worked on hundreds of weddings and can give you a few tips to make your special day, as amazing as you imagined.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Some people see hiring a wedding planner as an extra cost but ultimately having an experienced event professional at your wedding is worth the cost. Not only that, but hiring one can ultimately save you money as they know tips, tricks, and ideas to save on your budget.

Day of, planners manage the timeline to make sure when it is time to cut the cake, the photographer and videographer are ready and the DJ is ready to make the announcement. Take it from people who work weddings, this is so vital to you having the experience you want and plenty of time on the dance floor.

Invite Loved Ones to a Space You Adore

Invite the people you care about most (this one seems like a no-brainer) to share in this experience with you. Looking back on your videography and photos, you’ll be so happy to see your grandmother smiling and just how young your nephew was.

Finding a space you vibe with helps set the tone for your day and is the backdrop for your video and photos. With so many beautiful event spaces in Philadelphia and across the country, we know you’ll find one that resonates with you AND your budget.

Create a Pleasant Guest Experience

You want your guests to talk about your wedding for years to come and NOT to complain about the food being cold or not being able to see over the flower arrangements. That’s why our advice is when it comes to making decisions which seem overwhelming, pick something you like that you know your guests will enjoy too.

Will they enjoy a caterer whose reviews aren’t that great with complaints of not enough food? Probably not. Will they enjoy a DJ who talks more than he spins? Most likely, no. Will they enjoy a videographer with a bright light attached to his equipement who gets in the way? We’re going for a “no” on this one too. At Tweed Weddings, our videographers are unobtrusive and use high-end compact equipment , we’ve had guests think they were just another guest!


Hire Vendors You Like

This one goes along the same lines of inviting loved ones; hire vendors you want to work with. Seems simple but you’d be surprised how many couples hire one vendor to save a few dollars over one they really liked and they end up regretting it.

Think about it, you’re spending hours of your wedding day with these people! Make sure you get along with the personally because you will have a relationship with them during the months leading up to and more importantly on the day of your wedding.

Have Videography

Another regret we hear a lot is that people skipped videography all together. We know, that’s crazy! Something our clients always come back to us and say is that the wedding films they receive encapsulate the entire day AND that is truly priceless.

Our point has always been that if you are spending all of this time, effort and resources to create a wedding day, why not film it so you can always look back to remember the day? So when it comes to booking videography at your wedding, make sure its a vendor you get along with a trust, like Tweed Weddings! We would never let you down.

So what’s next? Let’s meet up or chat about your big day. Tweed Weddings is proudly located in Philadelphia and we travel across the country and across the globe to capture the moments of couples on their wedding day.