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Face it. You’re not a basic bride. Sure, you love brunch as much as then next person but when it comes to planning your wedding you want a bit more of, well, YOU in it (and your fiance, of course).

Videography is the one thing, besides photos, that you will keep to look at for years to come. Okay, you’ll probably keep the dress but more than likely it’ll be wrapped in plastic in the closet.

Let’s just be honest here. So when it comes time to book videography there’s a few things to keep in mind. One of them is style of shooting, and another is style of the finished product.

When it comes to shooting, you no longer need to have big flashy lights in people’s face to capture the moment (thank goodness!).

That is something that should be left way, way, WAY in the past along with chocolate foundations and puff sleeve wedding dresses. It’s just not a thing anymore.

Not only that, but it’s 2019, people! Meaning we have the technology so that you won’t even notice videographers at your wedding. Take it from one of the Tweed grooms who said “They were so great and unobtrusive that I honestly forget they were there.

Our goal is to capture the natural energy of your wedding, we never direct clients. This is best because you and your and guests are more likely to be natural on camera and not force anything or come off awkward.

Imagine trying to get low on the dance floor and seeing a bright light in your face. Talk about a vibe killer, don’t you think? We sure do, which is why our videographers blend in with your guests.

When it comes to the footage and finished products, we’re proud to say that our videographers and editors do a damn good job.

Not to brag but we have a specialist for each stage of production such as a color correctionist, audio masters, and animators that are so talented you’ll never want to stop watching your wedding video. Okay, okay, maybe we bragged little…

Okay so, let’s chat about wedding videos.

Something new we’ve been lovin’ is the Andy Warhol style videos. We’re created these and, if you’re looking for a unique wedding video, this is it.

We gave a few of our wedding videos an Andy Warhol spin for clients that we’re looking for something different.

Andy Warhol was an American artist, director and producer who created colorful and artists pieces, particularly, pop art. Fun pops of color and interesting textures? Yes, please!

We are kinda obsessed with this wedding video. Partially because of fun the wedding party was, and partially because of the Warhol style editing by our talented staff. For us, it’s not just a wedding video. It’s art!

Once more, let’s face it: you’re not a basic bride and we don’t make basic wedding videos. So let’s partner up and be extraordinary together. Let’s talk